Artreach team members are dedicated to ensuring your message reaches its ultimate audience through multiple mediums.

The Artreach Board of Advisors serves as a fountain of expertise and guidance for all programs undertaken.

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Artreach Team Members

Alice Carron, Founder and Executive Director

Alice Carron, Founder, established Artreach International in 2001. Ms. Carron has served as a Executive Director for numerous films and educational programs, including those sponsored by NASA, FAA, USAF Centennial of Flight, the Women’s Memorial Foundation at Arlington National Cemetery, New England Air Museum, Seattle Museum of Flight, Texas Women’s University, George Mason University, University of Madrid, College of the Bahamas, and more. She has a Graduate Degree in Visual Technology and Arts Management from George Mason University where she teaches Documentary Filmmaking and Cultural Studies.

Daniel Tillman, Technology Consultant, is a Doctoral Fellow in Instructional Technology at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia (UVA)

Daniel Tillman is Technical Director for Artreach. Directing credits include “Journey to Mars: A 3D Exploration”, “Fire In The Ocean: The Women of Andros Island”, “Learning to Recognize Contour Signatures”, and “Junkanoo 2002: A Three-Part Series”. Editing credits include ”Blue Horizon”, “Above & Beyond: 100 Years of Women In Aviation”, and all movies directed. Cinematography credits include “Navajo Women Warriors”, “Blue Horizon”, “Tattoo Sky”, and the fictional short “Polish”, Winner of the Award Winner For Innovation and Daring, 2002 Fayetteville Film Festival. Military training includes Parris Island Marine Boot Camp and Marine Combat Engineer School. He has a Master's Degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech. Daniel also teaches at UVA and George Mason University.

Daniella Scalice, Education Consultant

Daniella Scalice, Education and Public Outreach Coordinator, NASA Astrobiology Institute, has served as Co-Lead on numerous Artreach - NASA and the Navajo Nation projects. Ms. Scalice has a Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cell, and Development Biology from UC Santa Cruz. After attending film school, she began working as a video/multimedia/web producer. Ms. Scalice has contributed to such diverse projects as NASA’s Astrobiology Education Poster, the IMAX film “Aliens of the Deep” Educator Guide, the Astrobiology Field Guide, and was a principle contributor to “So’ ba Hane’ Story of the Stars”.

Angela Barney-Nez, Navajo Nation Office of the President and Office of the First Lady

Angie is a key legislative facilitator whose experience includes serving as key staff to the Office of the Speaker, making recommendations on policy issues related to education, human services, veterans services, land development issues, and the local governance act. She served as a policy analyst developing a School Monitoring and Review Team (SMART), a school monitoring model for school improvement and advocacy for student success.

Dr. Daniel Klinglesmith III, Magdalena Ridge Observatory Site Characterization Manager, New Mexico Tech

Dr. Klinglesmith III is a staff scientist and education and outreach officer. He is also a faculty advisor for the New Mexico Tech (NMT) Astronomy Club and is responsible for the Etscorn Campus Observatory. He teaches optical astronomy for the Masters of Science for Teachers at NMT. He runs Star Parties and astronomical presentations. He is also a Navajo style weaver.

Mary McCutcheon, Ph.D., Exhibit Curator & Pilot

Dr. McCutcheon worked as an archeologist in the Southwest and Middle East before becoming a cultural anthropologist, though in both phases she did research on subsistence and economic change. Focused primarily on the Palau Islands in Western Micronesia and the Bahamas, her interests extend to all tropical islands. Coursework she designed on museums and cultural fairs stimulated ideas that helped lead Alice to form Artreach. Now she is exploring the medium of film as a way to represent culture and history. Work experience includes the Smithsonian Institution and teaching at George Mason University. Dr. McCutcheon, a licensed pilot, is also member of Angel Flight, a charity organization of volunteer pilots. Mary McCutcheon steps in during times of trouble or immediate need, flying those who cannot afford commercial airline flights to medical treatment facilities. Her Ph.D. is from the University of Arizona.

Darrell Beam, Audio Engineer and Composer

Darrell served as Audio Engineer and Musical Composer on numerous Artreach productions including the original soundtracks for “BLUE HORIZON”, “Above & Beyond: 100 Years of Women In Aviation”, “Journey to Mars: A 3-D Exploration”, “Sani Dez-bah: Navajo Women Warriors”, and So’ ba hane” Story of the Stars”. Prior to Artreach, Darrell was General Manager for Tower Records (MTS Inc.) in N.E. Philadelphia, where he was instrumental in developing In-Store Listening Stations. Darrell promoted local artists through the In-Store appearance series "The Musical Pallette" and produced the monthly video segment "Out On The Town" for Cable TV. Darrell's band affiliations include playing Lead Guitar for "The Pikers", the "H.A.C.C. Jazz Band" and opening for Warren Zevon.