The Navajo Nation Office of the Speaker as well as the Office of Culture, Language, and Community have partnered with Artreach.

The Women's Memorial at the Arlington National Cemetery honors women who served in the American military, and is an Artreach partner.

Other Artreach partners include the Smithsonian Institution as a distributor to Smithsonian Institution Native Netowrks.

Our Partners

We partner with educational institutions to ensure the accuracy of the material presented and to promote scholarship worldwide. We partner with governmental, civilian, and commercial and private agencies to stimulate opportunities that enable a unique brand of culturally sensitive scientifically accurate educational programming.

Artreach blurs the boundary between entertainment and education to provide experiential learning for K- grey students of all ages and levels of expertise. The entertainment industry is concerned with enjoyability. Researchers are concerned with accuracy. Artreach is an educational-entertainment hybrid concerned with both. If you are interested in joining the existing network of individuals and organizations committed to expanding the existing body of research and development opportunities for underserved communities please contact us at