The Navajo Nation Office of the Speaker as well as the Office of Culture, Language, and Community have partnered with Artreach.

The Women's Memorial at the Arlington National Cemetery honors women who served in the American military, and is an Artreach partner.

Other Artreach partners include the Smithsonian Institution as a distributor to Smithsonian Institution Native Netowrks.

Current Partners

Smithsonian Institution

Artreach is endorsed by the Smithsonian Institution as a distributor to Smithsonian Institution Native Netowrks. Artreach International is listed iin their publication of Distributors listings.

Navajo Technical College

Navajo Technical College is committed to offering quality education in a student-oriented hands-on learning environment, based on Diné philosophy of education: nitsáhákees, nahátáh, iína, sihasin. The vision of NTC is to educate Navajo individuals to utilize state-of-the-art technology and to enhance the desirable character traits of integrity, self-discipline, loyalty, and respect which give the Navajo people hope, courage and resiliency es sential to their survival as a people, using the strengths inherent in the Navajo cultural values and traditions.

Museum of Flight

Museum of Flight exists to acquire, preserve and exhibit historically significant air and space artifacts that provide a foundation for scholarly research and lifelong learning programs inspiring an interest in and understanding of science, technology and the humanities. The Museum is dedicated to serving learners of all ages and we have programs that meet the needs of all audiences.

Town Hall Theatre in Galway, Ireland

Artreach Founder Alice Carron spent over 10 years working in theatre production before forming Artreach-Interational, so it is only fitting that we maintain a partnership with one of her favorite theatre venues: Town Hall Theatre in Galway, Ireland. Artreach brought a troupe of Shoshone-Bannock Indians who are traditional musicians and dancers on an international tour of Ireland’s west coast in cooperation with the Town Hall Theatre.

Bears Without Borders

Bears Without Borders produces a plush line of children's toys that teach children multicultural understanding. The bears represent some of the many different cultures that make society so wonderfully diverse. Artreach is currently partnered with Bears Without Borders in the creation of an animated cartoon series that will further spread the message of tolerance that these personify.