The Navajo Nation Office of the Speaker as well as the Office of Culture, Language, and Community have partnered with Artreach.

The Women's Memorial at the Arlington National Cemetery honors women who served in the American military, and is an Artreach partner.

Other Artreach partners include the Smithsonian Institution as a distributor to Smithsonian Institution Native Netowrks.

Current Partners

The Navajo Nation Office of the Speaker and Office of Dine Culture, Language, and Community Service

“The Navajo Nation extends into the states of Utah , Arizona and New Mexico , covering over 27,000 square miles of unparalleled beauty. Diné Bikéyah, or Navajoland, is larger than 10 of the 50 states in America. The human resources of the Navajo Nation is its most valuable resource. The Navajo Tribe, as a sovereign nation, has a responsibility to its people to oversee the education in whatever schools or school systems they are being educated, to assure their education provides excellence for all Navajo people is one that fosters: The formulation of age, grade and/or developmentally appropriate competencies in all basic areas of academic and cognitive skills; Competence in English language skills and knowledge of American culture; Competence in Navajo language skills and knowledge of Navajo culture; The development of Navajo and United States citizenship; Self discipline and positive self concept; Preparation for lifetime responsibilities in the areas of employment, family life, recreation and use of leisure; and; An attitude toward education that encourages lifetime learning.”