Documentary movies and information videos can be a very effective medium for communicating with your audience.

Multimedia and electronic- learning provide an accessibility to your message from any computer with an Internet connection.

Live events and community outreach can provide a meaningful social experience and great opportunity for networking.

Documentary Movies & Educational Materials:

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"SO' BA HANE: STORY OF THE STARS" A film and accompanying classroom book matched to standards of learning for K-12 that weaves NASA astrobiology science and Navajo knowledge about the stars.

“JOURNEY TO MARS: A 3D EXPLORATION” Experience a 3-D stereoscopic adventure to Mars, utilizing a combination of digital animation and authentic NASA imagery of the surface of the red planet.

"BLUE HORIZON" A inspiring chronicle about the Women Airforce Service Pilots who served in World War II. The film combines historic footage with an all original soundtrack.

"THE LIFE PROGRAM" An exploration of an innovative program at George Mason University that gives cognitively disabled students the opportunity to have a college experience.


"NAVAJO WOMEN WARRIORS: SANI DEZ-BAH" Filmed on the Sovereign Dineh Indian Reservation in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Discover the spirituality of the Dineh and their relationship with their homeland between the four sacred mountains. Culturally and militarily, Native American women have played a significant role as guardians of America's homeland. The significance of language, landscape, and clanship is explained in both lyrical Navajo and English.

"FIRE IN THE OCEAN: The Women Of Andros Island"

"FIRE IN THE OCEAN: The Women Of Andros Island" Three generations of women show how to thrive in a matriarchal enclave, as they go about their lives on the largest, but least inhabited Island in the Bahamas.

"ABOVE & BEYOND: 100 Years of Women in Aviation"

"ABOVE & BEYOND: 100 Years of Women in Aviation" An exciting encounter with female aviators, from their beginnings 100 years ago through the next generation of future flyers.

"JUNKANOO: Past, Present, and Future" This three part lecture series explores the spectacular Bahamian cultural phenomena of Junkanoo, its historical origins and future impacts. Contains interviews with Nehemiya of Baha Men.